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Brazil is a very attractive emerging market for many of our clients. It is the second largest economy in the Western hemisphere – the largest in Latin America. The country has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, and is home to many promising businesses. 


Some times ago Brazil was making good history it to the headlines of the international press. You have heard so much about it - the booming economy, the increasing living standard, and the limitless amount of opportunities in Brazil. Today the scenario has significantly changed, and some of the expected promises were delayed. The most commonly heard ‘when’ words are: recession, protests and disenchantment. Nevertheless, we are not here to whine. On the contrary, it is in turbulent waters like these that navigation requires more command; because it opens a safe way. We invite you to discover our perspective and our outlook for Brazil in 2016/18.


As one of the largest economies in the world, with considerable opportunities for development in key sectors, Brazil holds huge appeal to foreign investors. However, the country's economic potential continues to be constrained by a difficult operating environment, characterised by complex regulatory and legal systems, high levels of government intervention in the economy, an inadequate logistics network, and exorbitant labour costs.


In addition, investor sentiment is dented by the poor rule of law, with criminal gangs remaining prevalent in many areas and corruption scandals frequently rocking the establishment. Brazil's huge investment potential means that many companies are willing to overcome these substantial obstacles, but structural economic and legal reforms will be necessary before the country is able to offer a stable, welcoming and open operating environment.


Therefore, venturing into unfamiliar territory is often associated with risk. While you can reap rich dividends from operating and doing business in Brazil, handling its various complexities can be quite daunting.


You want to know if your enterprise can also join and become part of the future Brazil miracle. The first thing for you to do, of course, is to start truly understand the complexity as well as the vast potential of the Brazil market.


Your search for a helping hand, a business representative in Latin America, ends right here!


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"Brazil still alive ... Everything happening are just part of the political and economic global game."

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